Ready for full time IM: My plans and some doubts

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by krishnaverma, Oct 30, 2012.

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    Nov 16, 2011
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    This a 24 year old guy from India. I have opted for full time and would like to ask for suggestions and criticism from experienced members here.

    Methods to make money:
    1) Offering services (Content writing(being done) and other services like selling authority websites ) .

    2) Making money through Adsense revenue sharing websites ( I know websites that pay little upfront too in addition to Adsense).

    3) Adsense on my own websites. This need to be worked upon but in progress. I have 8 domains with websites running but revenue is not there.

    4) Flipping websites( mainly those earning with Adsense).

    5) To do list is quite bigger but one thing I would like to start is coaching for students here regarding making money online. I plan to do this after making some revenue and registering a LLP here.

    I would like to ask regarding the limitations and benefits of above methods. Also let me tell that I am looking for long term revenue. Not interested in extreme black-hat methods.

    One doubt is there that I have one paypal account only. In case it gets disabled (it can happen to anyone), I do not see any option for receiving money for services as most of the people use them.
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    Aug 26, 2012
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    Yes, you are going in a right direction. I recommend you to start using your own new conceptual services like CPA + Youtube+___, try this if it fails use your own another method.

    For flipping websites you need to really work hard. As you said you are having 8 domains but no revenue till now. I think you should try something else.
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    Hello mate, you seem motivated and it looks you already have a great plan.

    My only suggestion to you (and of course, this is solely my opinion) is that you will always find IM buyers willing to buy IM services.
    In other words, it is easier to sell services to hungry people always "looking for services".

    Try to build SEO packages, High-PR links packages, Content Writing, Link Building, and (try to) sell them to people like you.
    Start with a very "low profile" and always over-deliver. It will pay on the long time.

    On another side, build your own network of blogs, both for adsense income but also for link building purposes. Keep some blogs "polite" to have something "white" in your arsenal, and play grey/black to test new money-making ideas.

    IMHO, don't play "low" with hosting services: pick a VPS or - at least - a couple of good resellers, and go from there.

    Hope this helps :)