Read this! Gathering Twitter information!

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    Jun 7, 2012
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    Hey guys,

    I readed lots of all you posts. Some things i don't understand, some i do understand.

    I got a Twitter account with 3000 followers and 3000 following.

    My question:

    Can you guys tell me here of all you Software, www's and all the other things.
    I can't oversee all the posts!

    I wan't to grow big really fast! I prefer to have a low following amount. That means a good ratio for www's like sponsoredtweets!

    I already know some good things liek TweetAdder, i already use this software.

    I also set up an YT account. Any YT tips/info are welcome too!

    Greets! Please tell me all of your Info!

    P.S. I'm new so can't post normal words for www's;)