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[READ] My way to offlinesuccess

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by j3rki, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. j3rki

    j3rki Regular Member

    Mar 31, 2011
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    Dear blackhatters,

    Im in IM for about 1 year now and entered blackhat 2 month ago. I am from germany so i'm sorry for my english, please be patient :)

    When I entered BH I wanted to earn money with mostly unethical techniques wich will give me a bunch of money. I tried CPAs and PPC (with very blackhatish clickjacking) but with very bad success. I made 1.2k? this month with a selfmade contentlocker but its not the best and safest way. A german IM guru told me that monthly payings unequal wich value is the best money you can get. So I thought of offline methods with contracts. If you maybe now, germany is a very lawfull country wich can kick your ass very quickly so it willmbe hard to get a waterproof contract.

    With this thread I wanted to share you my ideas about my IM future. Today Im at not the best point in my life. 19 years old, left school without good marks cause of hard depressions and my parents want me to learn a "real"'job and not 'playing' on the computer for days. But I have a dream. The dream of monthly income with just a little work for me. I want to be free to deside what I want to do and what not. And therefor I made a few plans:

    First of all I will contact every single shop and restaurant via email(scared of coldcalling lol) and offer them a preview of my facebook fanpages. I will tell them that as well as everybody is on facebook and its an hugh advertisment for their shop or restaurant. It will increase the visitors about xx%. This will cost 47? for building and 27? per month for maintance an hosting.
    When they signed for my 12/24 month contract Ill build a goodlooking fsnlage for them and give the leader adminrights. when it is donr ill check the coments on that fanpage and delete bad comments and spam. They'll see my
    good work(hopefully ;) ). after one or two weeks i will contact them and offer them a premium (wordpress) website with unique appereance and every information like foodtab and openings, maybe reservation on that website. Ill take 97? for building and 27? for maintance and hosting monthly.
    When this is done, Ill wait about 1-2 weeks and than contact them about SEO work wich will give them hundrts of visitors of the page per month. Ill use surbartraffic to "fake" results cause i do nt have any seoskills excapt of onpageseo. Ill do it with surbartraffic.
    For this services ill take 47? per month for seo and idk how much backlinks .
    I will make some more products but that are
    the first offers.

    Im a very calculatinf person and love to calculate :)

    When I contact about 150 shops, restaurants and others i think about 33% will order my fanpage because of a good sellingtext and socialmedia success for the last years. that will be :
    2.3k? for selling and about 1.3k? every month.
    after that about 50% of the customers will buy the website for 97? and 27? montthly.
    additional 2.425? for selling and 7xx? monthly. when this is done ill try to sell seoservices for 47? per month. about 33% could buy. additional money:)

    what i want to know from you is:
    -good prices?
    -good strategy?
    -success chance?
    -more products?
    -more tips and tricks ?

    Thanks for reading x)
  2. j3rki

    j3rki Regular Member

    Mar 31, 2011
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    no ideas? o: :(
  3. cronini

    cronini Junior Member

    Feb 23, 2011
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    Email marketing to businesses is not easy. Most will not even read it.

    What you could always try if you are having trouble with getting clients is to offer free services and either get referals (as business owners talk and share ideas) or get them on a sale later on this is also good to get some experience/portfolio

    Anyway its best to approach them in person, call or send a letter in the mail.

    Finally you have to sound confident, show that you know what you are doing. Make sure they know what you can do for them get it to sell itself.

    Make sure you read as much as you can on BHW

    All the best :D
  4. Ritschie

    Ritschie Newbie

    Oct 30, 2008
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    Like "cronini" mentioned, I don't think you will get this success rate on your email campaign. Think you could be lucky with an 33% percent opening rate. I would also start with a free service ( free website with monthly hosting costs or simular), or google maps.
    But all you have to do is start and learn.