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Re: Using i-Trader

Discussion in 'Forum Suggestions & Feedback' started by Uptownbulker, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. Uptownbulker

    Uptownbulker BANNED BANNED

    Oct 21, 2007
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    Thanks Dave, for your informative post and since you did ask for suggestions, I'll just jump right in there with a few!

    You mention that the I-Trade system is similar to eBAy's feedback system and that is a good thing but such systems have intherent flaws and I'll tell of some of them based on my extensive experience as an eBay Power Seller who at one time had 3 selling accounts, each with well over 1000 positive feedbacks at over 98.5% positive.

    First, there is about 1 1/2 - 2% of the people out there whom you will not and cannot make happy, no matter what you do; even if they have recieved a product or service and you completely refund them.

    This is true in virtually all aspects of business, so recognise that fact and do not let such people intimidate you as a seller. I once had a guy who demanded a 20% refund because the USPS took 7 days to deliver an item instead of the usual 3-5 days. This fellow told me that his refund requirement would go up by 10% each day until I refunded him or he would leave negative feedback. I told him to go pound sand and to go ahead and do whatever he felt big enough to do. Well, he left negative feedback and I then sent copies of his emails to eBay which considered them to be "feedback coercion" and eBay then suspended him but could not and would not remove the negative which he left! Go figure!

    eBay will not allow a new user with less than a certain feedback score of thier own to leave negative feedback without the case meeting certain conditions.

    Here is a good example of how such a feedback system can be abused by buyers: Seller A offers downloadable software for use on Windows systems but Buyer A has a MAC and the software won't work on a MAC. Buyer A doesn't read the listing and buys it anyway then finds out that it it not compatible with his system. Buyer A then requests a refund, saying that the soft won't work on a MAC.

    Is the seller obligated to make a refund?

    Nope, as in this instance the seller was very clear in stating that the soft was intended for use on Windows systems. Now if the seller is smart, he or she will just make the refund simply to get Buyer A to go away and never do business with them again as Buyer A is not smart enough to do business with!

    If Seller A had said that the software was MAC compatible and it was not, then Seller A is 100% obligated to make a refund!

    If Buyer A cannot make the software work because Buyer A doens't read the instructions, is Seller A obligated for a refund?

    Nope but again see paragraph above and refund they guy just to get rid of him!

    In another instance I sold a used engine fan for a 1959 Mercedes Benz, Model W110, 190Dc to a guy in New York who in a few days started emailing me that I had sold him the wrong part! Well, since I personally took the fan off of a 1959 Mercedes Benz; W110, 190Dc, I knew it was correct for that car.

    Turns out that the buyer had a 1984 Mercedes 190D and since an engine fan for that car with clutch is about $250.00, he had engaged in magical thinking and decided that a fan from a car built almost 30 years before his would fit!

    Did I refund him?

    Not on your life as I was very clear in what I was selling and the part did indeed fit the car specified in the listing.

    On the other hand, such a feedback system can be very effective in spotting fraudsters and can actually help sellers improve their product or service.

    There should be in place some sort of system or process which prevents feedback coercion lest members recieve an undeserved negative rep.

    My $.02.
  2. Uptownbulker

    Uptownbulker BANNED BANNED

    Oct 21, 2007
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    I agree 100% that a ratings system such as I-Trader is a good deal but it needs to be remembered that systems like it are open to abuse so it would be nice if some controls could be in place such as ADMIN arbitration before negatives can be left to prevent such abuse.

    My experienced based $.02.
  3. Ruck

    Ruck Guest

    It is a good idea. It will remain and we will do our best to deal with discrepancies, if ever you suspect a problem, just get with one of us.


    Here's the thing about reputation and Itrader. Use this as a tool if ever you are thinking of selling anything. No matter if it's here or somewhere else.

    It's your job as a seller to bring nothing but the best goods forth if you want a positive selling experience.

    If your selling software, you damn well better know the ins and outs of it. What OS it will run on so on and so forth.

    If you think about selling a shitty product or you purposely leave out details, it's going to show. Nobody and I mean nobody will purposely hurt another's Itrader as long as I am a Moderator. So if that was what you were thinking, there is no worries. If you feel screwed, pm us and we will get on it.

    As far as refunds go, that needs to be stated up front. If they are not offered then people are smart enough to figure out themselves if they should purchase or not. It's a risk yes, but it's one that you take. If you don't and are not happy and start to cry, don't expect anything but "I told you so". Offering refunds is up to the seller, but it's something that needs to be stated in the post. Don't leave loose ends when your trying to sell something, that's how negative iTrader gets started in the first place.

    But don't worry. Anyone selling anything here will get a VERY good look over, but as far as negative iTrader goes, their will be no sabotage and if you feel their is, we encourage you to get with us.

    We are all here in this forum to help each other make more money. Plain and Simple. While something's stay hidden and unspoken for whatever reason (saturation, competition) that does not imply that someone is not being cooperative, that's how the ball rolls sometime. But, there for NO reason EVER should any BHW try to screw another. It's not cool, and it's not tolerated.