Re: Use of Members Shared Products


Supreme Member
Apr 12, 2009
So is it OK for a member to take another members product that they own and share
with members of BHW and use it as their OWN product and publish it outside of BHW?

Is that within the spirit of BHW?

I know that we have the "do not share" list but that doesn?t extend to members
that do share their own product.

What's the word ..... ?

TIA .... :cool2:
Ever think to ask...I dunno...the actual product owner? I'd say it would be a shitty thing to do if he/she didn't consent to it. Just because he/she shared it here doesn't mean they shared the distribution rights.
Thanks gonzomcribbinz!

Other members thoughts please?

HTH .... :cool2:

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