Re: This might be old Hat for most of you guys

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by nanavlad, Dec 6, 2009.

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    Ok Ok guys I get the message
    This is probably the worst thread ever posted on BHW
    for those who missed it.

    Still I am left wondering, why it made 28 of the most hard nosed Black hatters raise their fingers to the keyboard to comment on it

    My name is Nana (not real) a 57 y/o Irishman and to say I have a very limited knowledge of SEO is possibly the kindest remark you could make about me.

    But I,m a quick learner and I Hope you guys forgive my blunder

    Still i did learn something from this post.
    You dont need to be good to get a reaction and action from an article
    and is this not the goal of SEO
    so maybe their is some hope for me.

    Anyway I THINK You guys are great and the ideas that come from here are brilliant.
    and if you dont mind I would love to hang around and learn from you guys