Re-starting IM from scratch - opinions on strategy

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Sharksfan, Mar 13, 2013.

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    So I have done IM for a while and not had any real success. Mostly that is because my day job and family keep me very busy.

    I make about $200K/year doing consulting. It's good work if you can get it but you have to build the reputation first - that took 15 years and more time in airports than anyone should have to put up with. Trust me, I am not bragging - I'm a slave to it. I am one of three owners and we have a dozen or so employees and it's all a giant headache (literally some days). Also, career-wise there no "up" from here. Our company is niche and not likely to grow much and the odds of it being bought out are low. The days of IT mergers have been over for a long time.

    In doing IM previously I've messed around with PPC, PPV (TrafficVance, still have the account) and I am a member of various affiliate networks, Amazon, Adsense, Ebay, etc.

    In the past few weeks I actually made some different choices. First I threw out everything I had done previously (at least mentally). Then I decided to think INSIDE the box and stop trying to be original. What are known, working methods for making money? Two easy ones are Amazon and Adsense. Since I have money to play around with, I am now buying sample Adsense and Amazon sites from people on here - and I'll start the SEO soon too. Plus I am outsourcing a bunch of writing.

    The entire goal is a) minimize my time on this and b) actually make some money. I need to get to a consistent $500/day to quit my job. That doesn't seem that impossible to me. I also know I want to spread the types of IM I work on.

    The very second any of this stuff succeeds more I'm going to scale the crap out of it. If three Adsense sites can make $1/day each I'll go buy another 100 of them.

    Critiques in this strategy? Anyone else actually gone this way? If so, where would you concentrate your efforts?
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    I would suggest to avoid micro niche sites.If you want to use adsense go for big authority sites.It's much better and easier to handle 2-3 big authority sites, instead of hundreds of smaller ones.

    Also, I prefer amazon over adsense.People trust amazon a lot and you will get a lot of sales from irrelevant products too.If I was on your situation I'd go with amazon.

    Find a good niche, outsource site design, articles, and seo and just organize everything.