Re-birthing my old travel domain

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    Dec 4, 2011
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    I have a travel domain with a good keywords in the domain name referring to Traveling in Morocco ( My main subject ). I have this domain for now 4 months and I didn't make it right, so I had posted and deleted my topics several times because I didn't got any traffic at all for a long time ...

    I'm now using it with "blogger" and doing some -b a c k l i n k- with a d m i n s p o t -b a c k l i n k- booster ( Question please : Is that right ? should I keep doing it ? )

    Well I wanted to know, what are the option available for me with this domain, and how can I have a good PR on google, in addition of adsense program ...

    I've read on BHW that I need some good tools to make a good SEO ref, but I can't buy online ...

    Thank you