Re-appling to network that you got kicked from?


Apr 5, 2008
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How long should I wait to re-apply to a cpa network that kicked me?? its been over a year, you think they would take me back?
Dunno I was wondering that too, how to reapply without paying $500 for an EIN or something...

I would try asking them if you and your AM were close but that's unlikely.
Or you could apply under an LLC with a different address/IP.
I thought EIN's were free.

EINs are free if you're a US resident. But the business reg, or DBA tend to have costs associated with them depending on state. Also, if you're out of the US, or need a company in a different state, then you also need a registered agent service.
Next next day.. hide ip use a different name or incorporate, etc..
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