Rate My Plan For 4 Hours a Day Of a VA Mmkay?

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    So I decided to bite the bullet since im having some laziness publishing all my articles, managing my pbns and doing medial tasks im going to try a VA. My seo income isnt that large compared to some of the people on here, im making about 1500 usd a month on seo , and a salary from partnership in a web dev company, but would like to see seo overtake the other. But I definately see my biggest roadblock is time to implement my methods. So Im going to throw a portion of that at a VA to manage some of my sites to give me time to do more.

    One question I did have for some vets on here is if i dont have anything for my va to do is social media a good use of their time? Posting on large groups and even linking back to me? I just have never seen a huge roi on social media and dedicating an hour and a half a day to it makes me cringe a little bit.

    Here is what I was thinking my VA could do in 4 hours a day

    30 min - twitter posts for 2 main money sites using buzzsumo
    30 min - reddit community posts for 2 main money sites using buzzsumo
    30 min - facebook posts for 2 main moneysites using buzzsumo
    30 min - forum posts on 2 related niches to my money sites, including link to my site or an internal page if possible
    30 min - Uploading articles to money sites and domain account creation for new pbns
    30 min (30 pbns so 1 article a day will mean 1 per month) (article will be from seo tools article builder, for article usually will teach va how to use) - management of pbn articles 1 article a day to each pbn with images
    1 hour - Outreach or Other task I may need for that day - find blogs in my niche on article topics and post valuable replies on posts with links back to pages

    Any opinions or suggestions greatly appreciated