RapidSms and Kannel.. creator of youtube PVAs?

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    So I've been doing some research lately, and learned that google blocks any free service SMS gateway or the like. I'm not sure what algorithm, they use to achieve that method, so anyway moving along.

    I know RapidSMS, aswell as Kannel are both free source programs, that can be editted for various settings.
    One can feed off the other as RapidSms is the framework, and Kannel is a gateway for sms kannel alone can be used with a phone to send and recieve sms messages, although I have yet to try this in google or youtube creating.

    RapidSms is not so familiar to me.

    Both of these are open source for ubuntu.

    Now I'm wondering if anyone on these boards has any experience using like products, for PVAs?

    I'm always open for discussion add me on Skype
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