Rapidshare Service Changes Oct23

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    50 Gigabytes for Free

    October 23, 2008
    To give every premium user the chance to try out the new side of traffic share right away, we have granted everyone 50 gigabytes extra. Go and see yourself how easy it is to expand your download limit with TrafficShare. You can check out your account status by logging into your premium zone.
    Fit for the future

    October 23, 2008
    Really it should state here that we increase the prices. A few weeks ago, we have extended our capacities by 50 Percent, enabling you to download files at highest speed. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. While other webhosting services literally leave you stuck in congested networks, we don?t shy away from any cost and effort, providing fastest servers and connections.

    It is not just "RAPID" that is important to us, "EASY" is of the same significance for us. For weeks have been contemplating and discussing, how we can balance pricing for our frequent- and less regular users, without getting into a profuse and complex pricing structure. At the same time we want to avoid that our less regular users are financing our frequent users, which would be the case with a general price increase. Though it is us that has to compensate for hardware and internet access. For this reason we have chosen a solution that is fair for all: In the future, the download volumes included in a Premium Account is going to be reduced from 10 Gigabyte a day to 80 Gigabyte a month, at continuous exact daily pro rata billing. The sum of accumulated download-traffic is going to be reduced from 50 Gigabyte to 10 Gigabyte. Personal web storage space is going to continue to be set to 500 Gigabyte. The changes only apply to new Premium Account and extension. Running Accounts are not affected.

    Prices for TrafficShare-packages have been reduced considerably. You can apply these to your own downloads with immediate effect. If you download a file and your download quota is exhausted, the system automatically allocates 1 Gigabyte of the TrafficShare quota for download traffic. As long as you hold a TrafficShare balance, no error message will appear. The advantage for less regular users is that the prices are not going to be increased. The advantage for more frequent users is that by any desired increase in TrafficShare balance, maximum download volume is no longer dictated. By this we also hope to increase the interest in our TrafficShare model. For all existing Premium Accounts the old conditions are in place (10 Gigabyte download per day), however, you can already make use and profit of the new TrafficShare model.

    It is not the price model only that we have shaped up for the future. A further change is going to effect a small number of users that neither upload their files through a Premium- or Collector?s Account. Files that are stored completely anonymous can now only be downloaded 10 times. Thereafter an error message will appear. However, the file can be moved into a Collector?s- or Premium Account afterwards so that downloading is possible again.

    Lastly we have a thorough positive announcement: With immediate effect the FileMigrator has been made available, enabling you to move any files between Accounts, namely with the following combinations: From Collector's to Collector's, from Collector's to Premium, from Premium to Collector's, from Premium to Premium. LinkLists can be transferred from Premium- to Premium Account. More information is available in the Collector's-Zone, and respectively in the Premium Zone.