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Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by HaRRo, Jan 20, 2009.

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    There has been a lot of threads about personal issues or hate lately towards someone, something, or just random garbage.

    I would like to see this STOP now. If you have something serious about someone, something that is serious please PM a member of staff to have it sorted.

    Also things off this forum are not much of an issue to us, unless it contains us, affiliated with us, or is being sold here.

    I would also like to say that as of late the shit list forum section is being used wrong! 90% of the threads in there are from people who could not contact a seller for a short period of time, and therefor calling them a scam, and it always ends up not being a scam.
    If you are posting in there BE SURE ITS A SCAM!.

    Another thing, there is a lot of random garbage as of late in the lounge section, i mean its a lounge area and is usually open to offtopic topics, thats fine, and still is fine to do but this last week or so, it has been garbage that nobody wants to read.
    Im all for funny videos or finds, or if you want to talk about something that we will find of interest thats great. But as of late its just turned into a place where people can harrass, piss people off and mock others.

    Lets turn this week into a perfect week. Im going to (and other staff) are going to be out on full watch this week and beyond to change this place to a cleaner, safer and more INTELLIGENT place than ever.

    Keep it clean, keep it related, and most of all keep it good!
    Treat this forum as you would treat your own. And RESPECT the rules.
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    @HaRRo, thanks man.... It's nice to have you guys running this place, sweeping out the shit, and throwin out the trash .....

    Screw the dumb ones, let's make money :D Edit by HaRRo profanity
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    Aug 11, 2008
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    I'll admit i made a thread yesterday that was purely a drunken joke of a rant...

    But what can I say, the bloody mary's were just too good :)
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    Amen and hallelujah, I was wondering when mom and dad were gonna start passin out [email protected]# whippins around this place.

    Maybe, and this is just a tiny thought from my insignificant piece of mind, there could be some type of voting system that would kill a dumb sh*t thread real fast without wasting space and time for everyone else and causing all kinds of drama amongst members and stirring up a hornets nest for the mods to have to sort out, as if you all aren't busy enough keeping up with the kiddies as it is.