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    Hey guys,

    I have been wondering about conversion and traffic funnel and all this cool money making stuff.

    Right now, my scheme is like this:


    Do you think it could help if I did something like this?

    Google=>Article=>LP (not seo optimised)=>Offer

    That way the traffic gets into the article, then it goes to the "LP" or the page that its not meant to rank but to act as a way to get the best conversion rate.

    What do you think?

    PS: Probably this is not callled a landing page, probably I missed the name :)
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    Help = eliminating the steps required for a user to complete the desired action (conversion/monkeys in pockets).
    While @ the same time being competent enough to create that conversion based upon good copy/pitch.

    You really confused the shit out of me. Is the article on the money site or is it a directory type situation?
    You placed parentheses to insinuate the article is the LP or will act as one(& not controlled by you?), then mention the article leading to a LP which doesn't reside on the article(converting source).

    If you're referencing the article as a Tier 1 type situation. Then you would want to/might not want to link to the LP(lol). It's all up to you based on how you're able to convert them.
    It's different though if that article resides on a well monitored type site and also has a lot of active visitors(potential conversions).
    For instance, you might had done a good job on the article as to not need to link to another source.

    Why are you not trying to rank the LP?
    Is it in a pretty tough niche and you're trying to rely on conversions elsewhere?

    LP/money site, same shit. LP's usually mean to me as lead-gen, which is still the same thing/ish. To be anal, anything where someone lands on could be considered a LP.

    You want them to land on a page where a conversion can be made, as to avoid bounce(s).
    So since you're not trying to rank the LP and feel you can convert them on the article, then do it that way.
    Drawback is you can't gauge interest @ the traffic level. IE: You don't know how good that article was other than your conversion rate @ the offer level.
    Having them land on a LP(money site) will at least let you know if you're retarded when you get 1k+ visitors from the article, but 0 conversions @ the offer.

    You should set up a cloaked type link that way you know how your article sources are doing. IE: roysherpa.com/go/bigblackcocksofferpage
    You might even get more articles approved by idiot admins/mods that don't see the ?ref=12345 type shit.

    Generally you want someone to take the path of the least possible resistance.
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