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Ranking with very very low amount of fresh backlinks

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by aidenhera, Feb 26, 2017.

  1. aidenhera

    aidenhera Elite Member

    Nov 30, 2016
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    I have been reading and reading through what people have to say. And eventually i realised how to do some high quality backlinks that will probably gain power overtime (because they are fresh like snow) but making them is slow and maintaining as well. These cant be done by software.

    I know this can be done with pbns = low amount of links, but strong ones. However i wanna give a try to free, fresh links.

    So, did anyone outranked competitors with much lower amount of backlink than them?
    And at what number could that start?

    For example, if its possible to have 10 fresh backlinks that will outrank competitor who has 500 and more weak backlinks? Note bolded words.
    Weak links + medium site = low average quality of a site = low ranking
    good links + medium site = better score = better ranking

    I know that google measures score of all our backlinks, then divides it by number of backlinks.

    If backlinks are half or little bit spammed we might not get a penalty
    but we might rank lower as it will result in lower overall site score.

    this basically tells u need less better links and u can rank better than people with a lot of autogenerated backlinks

    But it doesn't work this way on low amounts. Of course you need better link score, but if you have only good 10 links, and competitor has 500 weak ones but hes not penalised, he will rank better, even if you have better score.

    My questions are, if you agree with me, and whats the minimal amount of manually made fresh backlinks (that dont launch any spam filters) that is required to rank on *non competetive niches? I know this is some kind of "longtail question" but this is probably the best way to do backlinks so maybe someone knows

    * by non competetive i mean 0-10 (out of 100) keyword difficulty on tools like keyword revealer (or semrush/ahrefs) and about 100k-600k of pages found in search results.
  2. xplosiv

    xplosiv Power Member

    Oct 18, 2014
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    I think links to content that's been aged is having more effect than a new page with fresh links. Also, I think it takes a lot longer for any links to have an effect. There are a number of very high authority websites where you can submit content for free and as long as its well written and not linking to spam can get approved quite easily.i would recommend letting your website and content get picked up naturally before building links to it.
  3. sub001

    sub001 Regular Member

    Nov 17, 2016
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    Yes, it is totally possible to outrank ANY page with lesser number of links. But any attempt to put this in mathematical formulas is a pure speculation.

    Nobody really knows exactly how Google ranks pages (including Google employees). It's just too complex and changes constantly. That said, there are experiments and observations. These tell us that there are 3 factors that most contribute to a page with lesser/fresher links to outrank other pages:

    1. Links differ in SEO strength. Google completely discounts a large number of links and devalues many others. Therefore, one good link will easily be worth more than a million spammy ones.

    2. Fresh links mean that the content is still relevant. A page that ranks high but stops gaining links is a signal that the content is no longer relevant. The result is a drop in rankings.

    3. User behavior is becoming increasingly more important than links. If users bounce off the page, Google will demote it in the SERPs, regardless of its link profile.

    Hope this helps.