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    Doing test runs following the methodology of what I will offer as a link building service soon. I see some nice improvements in SERPs. A bit higher than expected since I only did 1/5 of the process and this is a medium/low-medium competition keyword. Also the types of links I did so far are the weakest.

    So far I only did AMR blast (which is not fully crawled) and a few other types of links, mostly in-text like blog posts or articles but on platforms that are not spammed to death like AMR.

    Also, I am using a specific interlinking scheme. This has actually a pretty significant importance.

    Here's a screenshot:

    Keyword stats:
    Most keywords have medium-high AdWords/AdSense competition. CPC is around $0.3.
    First keyword in list returns 10mil results in google and has exact search volume of 4000. The others have less search volume.
    It is an electronics niche, monetized with Amazon (conversion is pretty good considering the price of a unit is rather high).

    By the way that crappy looking SERP tracker is free. In case you want to download it. Is called Rankerizer.

    Content used was ultra-spun 99.5% readable, 80+% uniqueness (real uniqueness as per copyscape compare between any two articles generated NOT what spinning tools report because that's incorrect).

    Links are spread evenly to all pages not just to homepage.

    Anchor text is extremely varied - keywords, site name, url, generic keywords, long tail keywords, etc. I would say each link probably has a unique anchor text (might be wrong though).

    Probably nobody cares but whatever

    PS: I don't know what the "backlinks" column is supposed to show because I don't have 685 backlinks. I only have 80 backlinks (from 30 IPs) as reported by MajesticSEO.
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    Is this white hat?
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    Nice. Care to share more details on your "specific interlinking scheme?"