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Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by Tmill, Aug 15, 2012.

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    Dec 28, 2011
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    I started a bunch of MNS a while back and for the seo part I mainly used Senuke but my sites never did too well so I stopped. I now have about 20 MNS just sitting and not making money.

    I figured some white hat seo would be best for these type of sites since they don't need many links to rank anyways, but I have a few questions

    1. When building links for these sites, do I use the same accounts to build these links for all my MNS or do I create new accounts for each MNS I am building links for? If I have to create new accounts, is there a software that might be able to automate the account creation process?

    2. Is building links all on the same IP okay? Keep in mind I won't be building many links to each site

    3. How many white hat links would you recommend building per site? These are easy to rank keywords that wont make more than $10-20 per month.

    4. What sites do you recommend building links on?

    Any advice on getting these ranked would be greatly appreciated :)
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    Apr 16, 2011
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    1. I think using different accounts is better.
    2. You should use different IP. But using the same IP for link building is not a big deal actually.
    3. 20-30 links from Different IPs and ofcoures a mix of Directory, SB, Forum and Blog commenting.
    4. Only related sites/ related forums.
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    I do manually and my site rank well. I am happy with my MNS... I just post article nearly 15 to 20 and google update it's ranking. without backlinks it rank well.
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    Similar to manjeet, my MNS tend to rank top10 with articles alone. From there I will just add content every few weeks (well add it all at once then schedule postings every few weeks) and gradually move up the SERPs.

    For you with 20 sites, I would take 3 of them and build different types of links to each, see what works, then worry about the rest of your sites after you figure out what works.