Ranking keyword vs the big sites (amazon, target etc.)

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    I have an exact match domain for a specific product that gets 16K searches a month. Another one with similar situation (but not a .org,.net.com, url) with over 200k.

    According to Google Keyword Tool, the keyword is about 1/3 full for competition.

    Market Samurai lists the main SEO competition as the big sites such as Amazon, Target, the product maker, Walmart, and a few other product sites.

    I am sure it is worth a try for an Amazon affiliate, but what are ya'lls opinion in keyword situations like this?
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    It is hard to rank against amazon as u mentioned
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    Google keyword tool lists competition on bidding for cpc advertising, not competition for ranking it in Google. Try some free software like Traffic Travis free version to analyse competition easily.
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    Through time and persistence, I don't see a reason why you can't outrank these sites.
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    One thing I like to do is, instead of targeting the exact product name, I like to target a keyword representing what someone would type if they want the product, but don't know for sure what they want.

    For instance (when it comes to one of my niches ... sex toys) ... a popular product is the "Hop'n Rabbit Stroker Vibrator". In my niche, for that keyword Amazon is #1, youtube #2/#3, and then a number of the huge stores in the niche.

    The problem with exact product names is that everyone ends up optimizing for them, whether they know they should or not. It's a no-brainer to put the product name on the page and it the title and link to that page with the product name, all your competition does that and it makes them rank really well (and makes it harder for you).

    What I like to do is focus on the keywords someone would type if they want a product like that ... but they don't know any specific product.

    For instance, people like that vibrator because it can thrust. So I go for thrusting vibrator, thrusting vibrators, thrusting dildo, thrusting dildos, etc. Then I click-bait the title to show that I have a selection of that style of vibrator ... like "three amazing thrusting vibrators" or "ten of the best thrusting dildos".

    If you were shopping for a generalized keyword like that, what would you rather pick from the SERPs, one that shows 1 specific product, or one that shows a comparison between 10 products?

    The beauty of it is that nobody in the niche realizes that "thrusting vibrator, thrusting vibrators, thrusting dildo, thrusting dildos" represent 1920 searches a month exact. Amazon doesn't try to optimize for that keyword, they're not even in the top 30. The big store competition I'm up against do not optimize for it either.

    There is another benefit too. If you're looking for one specific product, you click result #1 and you buy it. But if you don't know the exact product you want, and you're searching for a more general category of product ... you will check out results 2-10 and maybe even go to the teens comparing products. So you get more clickthrough traffic even if you're not #1.
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