Ranking in Different countries = 2X+ earnings

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    Among my portfolio, I have a small set and forget type website that has been churning out a nice amount each month. It's very stable like making 8-15$ a day. Today at 4AM before sleeping I noticed it was already at 8$ which is really odd, then when I woke up just now I noticed its at 27$ and its there is still 8 hours left in the day to earn more.

    So I went into Analytics and quickly discovered its because I'm now ranking for all the search terms in UK and AU. I used to rank for a variety of keywords in USA only, but it seems that now I'm in UK and AU.

    Well, I don't know if this is permanent because we all know g0ogle is fickle like that. It seems like if an easy way to double your site earnings is to rank in multiple countries. Too bad I don't get paid for AU traffic like I do UK, then my earnings would be 3X instead of 2X.

    How did I rank?

    Basically it was luck. I just kept adding content, but now I'm wanting to get ALL my sites to rank in UK. I am going to find out how after this.

    Also, NO SEO AT ALL, the easiest form of SEO is to pick a niche you can dominate with content alone and then hire a content writer for a one time gig (30 articles) and then schedule those posts to spread out over a year. Its a good method when you already earn from another source and just want to add more to your portfolio and are not in a major hurry to make money with the site. The site was earning only 60$ a month at the start, now its up to 300$, but now that I'm ranking UK it could be up to 600$ a month for a set and forget website..
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    There's no reason you couldn't be earning in the AU market. All you need is to implement is a Geographic ad targeting script and find a good affiliate offer.