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    I am stepping up my SEO game and entering into a new world... attemping to rank in Baidu (the main Chinese search engine) and Google.cn

    I was wondering if there was anyone willing to get a discussion going about this.

    At the momment I have had the content of my entire website professionally translated into the major dialects of Chinese.

    Here is a bit of what I have done so far. (I haven't launched this yet, still researching).

    Link Archeitecture
    My website's link archeitecture is in the basic funnel up tree form... mysite.com/keyword/long-tail-keywords.html
    For the chinese pages I have opted for giving it a subfolder:

    Titles & Content
    The titles and content of the code is all in chinese characters.

    It is obviously not possible to use chinese characters in the url's as they are bound by the ASCII character-set. Instead I have opted to use pinyin, the official system to spell out chinese characters.
    For example, sitemap.html is now wangzhan-ditu.html or wangzhanditu.html... or even wzditu.html (as some chinese website use).

    Anyways I was just looking for any advice as well as best practices, pitfalls, successes. Thanks!
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    i am chinese any way,but i do not know how to play the baidu rules,we can discuss actually,i have plenty of idea to play chinese site but i am not pro in seo either in google or baidu.what do u think?