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Ranking for Google "All the web", but removed from Google "Video" Search. What happened?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by nycdude, Dec 29, 2015.

  1. nycdude

    nycdude Regular Member

    Oct 1, 2009
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    I have a tube site, it's a new domain for a new porn niche with rising competition. When I was posting my videos at first, I added minimal written text for SEO to get it going. Because the niche is pretty new I was able to start ranking for a lot of terms right away, but for my target keywords the site was ranking terribly. After awhile my site was ranking on page one for Google "Video" searches, but I had yet to get on the "All" results with the most action.

    I then started to add a lot of text to the posts, a lot like average 600 words all well ordered with the proper layout of H tags, paragraphs and ordered lists. The site then propelled higher in search for my keywords, I dominated Google "Video" search and edged up to page 3 for my keywords on the "All" results. Still not good enough.

    Against common practice, I used GSA to create back links directly to my site. I did it sensibly though, averaging like 200 back links a day with my setting on GSA so strict that it could only post to pages with "porn" terms. I got some really sweet back links, and the articles and text I was posting with my back links is well spun and unique. As I was doing this, I checked the site every 6 hours or so in Ahrefs.com to see how the links were sticking, and they were beautifully, very few lost links and I got some great results. I also check GWT religiously too make sure I didn't get any manual penalties. I never 'ping' my new links, so the links were being found slowly, and since I've stopped adding back links with GSA they are still being found a little at a time.

    OK, so now ... the site is sitting very nicely on page one for all my terms, and traffic is unbelievably good. My traffic is very targeted and I can see with the keywords that Google is allowing me to see, that they are searching for exactly what my site has to offer, the bounce rate is around 30%.

    Seems too good to be true? Well, while I love where my site is for my keywords in the "all the web" results, the site has been completely excluded from Google "Video" search!!

    So my question is, has Google looked at my site and has determined it's no longer a "Tube" site? Would that be because of the all text I've added to the post, or perhaps since the back links aren't from tube site?

    Thanks in advance.