Ranking a subpage for a keyword. What would be the best approach?

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    Hi, I have a private blog network with 30 domains. All of them are personal blog sites with no focus on a specific keyword. My plan is to create a subpage in each domain and name those subpages after my keywords. After that I will focus on ranking for my keywords with those subpages. Those subpages will be containing articles only related to the keywords but nothing else. This way I will be able to keep my blog sites as personal blog sites which are free of focus on any specific subject (they have to be like that).

    Done like this, the main pages wouldn't get any considerable hits because they lack focus on a specific keyword but when I start ranking well with my subpages, hits will start coming nonetheless. Now I have two questions:

    1- Are there any flaws in this idea?
    2- What kind of a strategy should I follow while trying to rank those subpages? Treat them like they were main pages and just get all the anchor texts created that way (mydomain/my-keyword) like you would do for your main page? Or are there some tricks that you should keep in mind while trying to rank for subpages?

    Thanks in advance.
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