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    Hey chaps,

    I run a record label with a good friend, more or less just a hobby on the side. It's specialises in house music.

    We are struggling very much with record sales - like everyone else in the industry - which would usually be made via. the platform Beatport. The reason for poor music sales is that the market is way saturated. Too much music is being released compared to the number of buyers and it's very difficult to make yourself stand out.

    Whilst I want to protect our main site from BlackHat methods, I would like to know what methods we could exploit to drive traffic to our page(s) on Beatport.com where the sales are made?

    The page(s) on Beatport could be a mixture of:
    - The label page showing all releases
    - The artist pages
    - Releases
    - Specific remixes of releases

    One problem is that release text is common amongst all digital distributors, i.e. not only will Beatport receive a copy of our release for sale, but so will Traxsource, Amazon, and about 200 others, all with the same release text.

    Any comments on this would be great,

    Thank you kindly

    EDIT: Beatport do have an iFrame option which allows tracks to be shared / promoted, so the traffic could potentially be directed to another domain / Web2.0 which could be optimized as much as possible