Rankerx for Tier 1 / GSA for Tier 2 Strategy


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May 3, 2019
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I am currently ranking for around 40 local keywords that are on page 2 and 3 for one of my websites. I'd like to get them closer to page 1. I use Rankerx for Tier 1/2 and considering using GSA SER for more Tier 2. However, I have seen that some of my backlink pages are deleted. So, I was thinking of running a backlink report in AHREFs and only pick those backlinks that have been there for at least a month to create Tier 2 backlinks using GSA SER. I don't want to waste my time with new Tier 1 backlinks from AHREFs which may be gone next week. What do you think of this strategy?

1. Create Tier 1 backlinks using Rankerx
2. Wait a month to see what sticks and check it in AHREFs
3. Grab the backlinks that stuck and run GSA blast campaigns

Would this work?
I wonder if GSA blast campaigns work better than dripping backlinks over the course of a month. I've seen some people say that campaigns blasts no longer work.
Yes should work fine. You can always boost the tier 1 sites made using RankerX with a tier 2 of blogs made using RankerX

Then use GSA to either point to both tiers of RankerX sites, or just the second tier
Rankerx is good and safe tool for Money sites
But my Web2.0 created with Rankerx gets deleted within a month.. that is the problem
Otherwise Rankerx has got a good list of Sites..
Please check the link retention on the tier 1... otherwise, the tier 2 will be wasted
GSA is a great tool by itself - you parse your won link base with any appropriate tool for parsing, then add these links into GSA ser, then post. For example it quite works with .edu .edu.* and gov, gov.*. Rankerx has just a few of them
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