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May 13, 2008
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I just created my blog 2 weeks ago and already made it 2 #1 on google. For this long tail keyword.::::::

top 10 online jobs paid to test video games


Its number 1 called top 10 jobs online..
Well it isn't doing much but I still have a lot of work to put in. Right now I am trying AFFILIATE, but if any1 knows any other ways to earn from it do let me know.
Nice! :)

Although.. It's not so hard to rank high for a long tail keyword. More interesting is to know how many hits you get from it and if you can convert them?


I remember the first time I managed ot get a no 1 linsting on Google.

I have several now and some is still awsome soo unexpected that I still have hard to belive my eyes when I see those listings. Like this one.. I managed to rank no1 in google for "charter to brazil" and "charter brazil" but in my language offcourse. It's for contries with lots of competition in the travelmarket and even more competition then if I had done the same for USA.

The key scentence is also spelled the same for several contries I'm working with and I managed to get there with only one sentence on my main page. I just tooked a look and saw that I have dropped on that one. I am now only no 2 but I still outrank most of my competitors who actually are selling charter to Brazil which I aren't. Therefore my conversion for that keyword is very low even though I am on the top in a higly competitive market. ;)

Still.. It's always awsome to climb to a no 1 position and I wish you good luck. Just focus on the right key scentence and the conversion and you will get paid for the effort as well.
You have to try to rank high for keywords that have a high search trend.
Yes the point is to rank high for high search terms. But congratulations anyway, keep up the good work.
yes you all are right ,that was my first thought. Even though it doesnt get good ranking for short tail keywords I am pretty exited. This was my first.
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