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Aug 16, 2014
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Note: We don't accept Adults, Gambling, Porn & Illegal sites
Feel free to ask your queries
Email & Paypal: [email protected] | Skype: live:seojoker
Send me some samples and coupon (if available) please.

How many urls are acceptable.

Decent Metric blogs with Homepage Blogpost.can i get any samples?

Do you accept foreign language keywords? If so, could you send me a sample and a coupon?

send me the discount code.

Samples and Coupon please.

send me sample by pm

Any coupons or early bird discounts?

Sample please.

Send me some samples.

Test order placed via skype.Please confirm,transaction number - 4715xxxxx56

Order placed 2package

hi, sample please. thanks

Iam interested Send me samples

Order Placed I'd: xxxxxxx57DB89

Please send samples. Are adult niches accepted? Any discounts/reviews?

Any review copy to test your service or juicy discount

Gimme Coupons buddy

Just placed an order: xxxxxxxxNX299492K

Order placed with discounts. Tnx I'd : ****7IH


Received the report from seojoker, really i am wondering about the service and great thanks for approved the service. After long time i realize the good service in bhw surely it's one of my best PBN network, for this price its not possible to do the great work. Really it's well worth service.

Mostly recommended for all the BHW members, metrics of the blogs are awesome avg metrics DA 32, TF 28, PA 40. CF32 and all the blogs design unique not repeatable one, IP's are different and more unique, NO footprints, Copyscape passed content but not much readable enough for that money.

My keywords are dancing now and one of my keyword ranking from the Position 42 to 13, so i am wondering about the ranking.

TAT -6 Days
Metrics -10/10
Designs -9/10
Communication - 9/10
Content Quality - 8/10
Ranking - 10/10

After exact ranking i will upload the graph and one more order placed for my new site trans id: xxx4853FBU98

Great Service!!!

would like to see couple of samples and discount offers

Please send me samples and discount code too

Send your sample with discount details!

Can you Send sample buddy

Order placed for sticky links. Thanks

Send me some samples,am interested

Can you PM me samples with discount please

Order placed : 050J


I was lucky enough to receive a review copy from SEO JOKER

Metrics: 16TF 35CF / 43DA 23PA
Content: The niche I used for this review copy is a bit technical and hard to understand for the general public, so I never expect content to be amazing when purchasing PBNs for it. In saying that, the article is decent. The article contained 2 relevant images. I noticed on some of the other blog posts they included videos.
Site: The site design is pretty well done for a cheaper PBN. It features a custom logo, favicon and seperate categories.

Overall, this is very nice for the price!


OP Was kind enough to provide me a sample of his links.

I sent him the details on 22-may and within two days my ordered was ready, i am really impressed with TAT of the service.

400 words of hand written content was used for the article with 2 appropriate images. The look and design of the site was fairly good and professional. when i checked the link, it was clickable from the homepage unlike many other seller where your link does not appear on the home page.

Let Me give you an overview of the metrics.

Moz DA : 34
Moz PA : 45
Referring Domains: 216

Majestic TF : 29
Majestic CF : 35

Overall I like the service, It was better than most of the crap you get from the Marketplace.


OP kindly offered me a review copy.

For the price, that's very good indeed.

Metrics were consistent with what was advertised and the blog used a custom design/logo.

The content was unique and readable, and came with 2 images + relevant tags and category.

At that price level, I haven't seen many providers offering that level of care.

How many URLs do you accept OP?
Is there any offer available right now?

I was offered a review copy --

The content comes great -- Posted on DA 43 PA 23 with great website layout and custom logo for the website given as review.
Checked for index status for root domain and comes out indexed.

Great service -- Please send me a coupon.


Review :

I got a review copy PBN post from OP.

  • Content was okayish, far from perfect but niche relevant and ok for a PBN. 2 niche relevant pictures were added, overall it's very good for that price (if and only if it's not the same text used over the 40 links)
  • Metrics of the domain are : 80K Backlinks 852 RD 7 DR (ahrefs) TF 20 DA 44. You judge
  • Domain was originally niche specific and got turned into a general niche PBN which leaves an obvious footprint with only the name.
  • Link did not get indexed naturally (two days)

Overall : This service falls into the cheap PBN posts category. This is not some high quality links and I would not (personnally) point this directly to my money site, but for 2$/post if you're searching for cheap PBN posts to boost some web 2.0 or whatever, this is a great deal !

Got a review copy:

1 link

he did a good job with the anchor, good metrics website. almost readable content.

Good enough.


I received 1 x post to review.
  • Site design
    • Nice site design with custom logo.
    • Could not find contact us page, so just home page, categories (some empty as mentioned) and posts.
  • Content
    • Passed copyscape
    • 369 words
    • Well written article, no issues at all (native english)
    • 2 images and anchor text placed naturally
    • Good use of headings
    • Post indexed in Google (nice)
  • Site stats (root)
    • Ahrefs - UR 18 / DR 26 / RD 871 / Backlinks 372k
    • Moz - DA 46 / RD 936 / Backlinks 3m / Spam score 0
    • Majestic - TF 20 / CF 21
  • Note
    • I had some concern over the sites anchor text history which ahrefs shows as - cheap jordans, cheap jordan shoes, cheap nike free, china wholesale apparel. And a lot of the RD's are Chinese/Korean, but Moz shows the spam score as 0. Obviously the domain has been hammered previously but I do not know if this is indicative of the other domains in the service. Just something to keep in mind when you are working out where this service fits into your lnikbuilding strategy.
Conclusion - $2 a link is great for a site with these stats. For this price, you cannot expect perfection but the service delivers its promises.

Just got my report.

I was offered 1 PBN link as a review copy.

The metrics are as stated in sells copy. PA35, DA46, TF28, CF40 and a few hundreds of referring domains.

Website is on wordpress and uses a free theme that is a bit customized.
Previously this year it was a store for shoes, according to webarchive.

Anchor text, as reported by majestic, shows some over-optimization on 2 keywords.
Article looks ok, it is readable to some extent.

Considering that he is charging $2 per link, this service looks more than decent for the value offered.

Review Time:

Domain Metric:

DA 58
PA 65

Website design look smooth and domain link profile checked got some nice links, i think it surely going to impact my ranking in positive way. Overall you can go for this service without any doubt, he got really nice domain. Hard to find such domain now a days.


Just got my review link, I also want to mention that I contacted him via Skype, very nice and helpful person to deal with.
I'm satisfied with the test post , it looks good !
I'm going to buy a package now.


Received a review copy.

The metrics were within the values the seller specified in the OP.
Instructions were followed as I asked.
The content although not obviously handwritten still talks about the topic and was posted on a niche relevant website by website name.
Theme was quite nice

Got a review copy and here is my review;

Domain authority as advertised but majestic metrics are good too.
Content is good and readable, link has been correctly placed and instructions followed.
Site design is good too.

Recommended service.

Got my report from OP today.

Everything is as described. The content, grammar and contextual flow were delivered as promised.

You can't go wrong with $2/post. Very valued for money service.

Just purchased. will wait to see results :)

I received a review post and I have to say that it all looks good. Below are the metrics from Moz:


Design looks nice and clean, for this price it's a no-brainer.

Got a free review copy from OP. I got 1 backlink. Stats of the domain:

TF 11
CF 17
PA 48
DA 24

The article is quite readable, OP inserted 2 related pictures in the article and put my keyword with link.

The link is already indexed by Google - I jut checked.

So basically the domain I have seen - it has a high PA/DA, indexed by Google, articles are quite readable. Better than most other PBN providers here.

OP offered me a link as review copy.

Metrics were good with what was advertised and the blog used a custom design/logo.

TF - 32
DA - 41

The content was unique and readable with image.

Highly Recommended service

Correction: The metrics are actually higher:

DA 46 | PA 33 | TF 15 | CF 20

OP offered me a link as the review copy.
Metrics were good with what was advertised and the blog used a custom design/logo.

TF - 16
CF- 34

The content was unique and readable with an image.
As far as ranking I cant tell you it was 1 Link but the anchor was very well placed

Highly Recommended service
View attachment 104378

Here goes my Review:
Verified All the SEO metrics as below:
View attachment 104383

View attachment 104384

Content was readable. My website niche is computers and databases, however posted the link in health niche blog adjusting the article content.
For such a cheap price, this is a deal, but do not use for your money site unless you want to rank a link from high reputed site like facebook, linkedin etc.
For your money site, use your tier 2 links to submit and that should be good. :)

can i see some samples and discount perhaps ?

show me please

I received my review copy from the OP yesterday.

Metrics as followers:

DA: 42
PA (where link was placed): 24
Referring domains (Majestic): 447
CF: 33
TF: 23

The above metrics all a thumbs up from me.

Writing was ok. It would need to be re-written in parts if I was to put something like that on my main money sites, but everything seems fine for promoting sites that aren't your main ones. I always prefer to outreach myself for my main sites, but for ones where you don't mind buying links for, this looks fine.

I forgot to add the article that they promoted, to rank tracking, so unsure on whether there has been any change. It's been added today, so I 'll post again once I've given it time for a hopeful improvement in rank to happen.

I received a free review copy and here's my review:

The article that was written was on-point and utilized the keyword which I gave quite well. There were 2 pictures that were relevant to the article as well. The site which the article was put on fit the niche in which the keyword was in, and the article itself looked natural on the site itself.

There was a backlink to my own site that also looked natural and didn't stand out. Overall it's a good service, and I'm happy with what I got!!

still any discount codes

Send me new samples

order placed

Transaction ID: 3B93381937952840A

Order placed and sent paid invoice copy to your skype.

Hello, can you send me discount details?

Good results with the sticky post on homepage for 1 month. I want to extend the sticky for 3 more months. Send me invoice to pay. Great blogs and OP deserves it well. Excellent work from you. Thanks @SEO JOKER

Got a free review link was delivered today, it's live the blog looks unique content is top notch. There were several blog posts. Overall looks pretty good to me. Also the content matches my site and kw which is a big plus.

Give me a coupon code pls

I was honored to receive a free evaluation copy. Everything is as promised. Good quality, highly recommended.


Order placed with discount.

Transaction ID: 7LH621005S314394J

Can I see some samples ??


I want to your domains first before orders , please PM me

Order placed with discount

Transaction ID: 5KP04289SB444750Y

Discount code please.

Samples and discount code please


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Jun 22, 2016
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Good results and articles are not so bad Great blogs and OP deserves it well. Excellent work from you


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May 25, 2018
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Super interested in the service, would you mind sharing sample of the kind of posts you would put out??


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Aug 16, 2014
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Nov 27, 2013
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Made a order for 10 post..

Let's see what it does!
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