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    I have a small site (5 pages) set up for a pretty competitive niche and I'm currently on page 8 and ranking just seems to have stagnated. I've looked through the BST section and all the services offer the same thing, you know, "buy our service and dominate Google." I've tried contacting service owners and I'm tired of waiting days for a response due to only partially active members, so I figured I'd let you guys come to me.

    Here are my keyword details:
    Exact monthly search: 40,000
    Results: 2.16 million
    Results w/ quotes: 1.69 million
    My site: Rank #73,

    I'd like a service, maybe even a custom package if you want, that will give me the most bang for the buck, as cliche as that is. I'm just a college student, so I want to invest in my site, but only into the most cost-efficient service.

    I have ordered a couple other services, and I'm still waiting for results, but I'm under the impression that for this niche, I may need a mixture of services, so I'm looking for one more. Please PM or reply your offers, services, etc. or to ask for additional details, such as the niche-specifics.

    If you need IM details -
    AIM: artizhay
    Skype: artizhay

    I'm on AIM more often than Skype but I'm still on both pretty often.

    There will be repetitive business so long as your service proves effective. (The two people in my iTrader have received 3 orders each from me due to great service.) I have many others sites that need to rank and maintain rank .Thanks for any help.
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    Added you on skype. Hit me up when you're available.
    We can work something out :)

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    New Delhi, India
    Pm me the details