Rank Builder NEO Launched - ALN Confusion

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    I signed up to Rank Builder NEO yesterday when I got an email about the launch from Maulana. After checking out the sales page, something about ALN caught my eye... "unlimited access" just for trying Rank Builder. Hmmm... that sounds pretty good.

    Post-purchase, now I'm realizing that they just tried to repackage/re-word this ALN bonus for rank builder. In the past, when you bought Rank Builder (prior to this launch of "NEO"), you got ALN access as well.

    ALN is still functioning the same way it always has. You have to add page rank websites into the system in order to get points - points give you the ability to submit articles into the network.

    The word "unlimited" threw me off, especially since it also had scarcity of 1000 people tied to it. I thought that Maulana was giving access to ALN without the need to submit sites into the system. At the very least, I thought the account would be a $50/m account which came with 3 submission points.

    Guess not.

    Not sure if you're interested in my review of this software a day into using it...

    So far, Ultimate demon is winning when I compare it to Rank Builder. Ultimate demon is about the same cost per month. UD is a little better at project management and setup. Just my thoughts at this point.

    UD wins with # of sites to submit to. UD also makes it easy to build, say 10 full social bookmarking profiles, which you can then re-use over and over with multiple pages you submit.
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