random keyword in H1, is it a good approach?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by loginname, Oct 18, 2009.

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    Lets say you have about 100 keywords on your site. Is it a good idea to randomly use the keywords in the headline (H1 and H2).

    So for example if the keywords are : coolest, funniest..
    then the generated headline would be: "Coolest saysings" or "Funniest sayings"

    Is this a good approach? You will end up having mulitiple versions of headlines, maybe this will confuse the crawler?
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    The latest I read was that H1 does not hurt (but seems to be ineffective) and H2 may help.

    Make a different H1 or H2 headline per page (or both) if ever possible since you want to optimize each page for a single unique keyword phrase! Any duplicates within a site MAY create problems if the percentage appears to be too high. If you have only 100 pages, you can do the optimization by hand. Doesn't take too much time.

    - Rainer
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    Ok well historically the H1 tags carried a good amount of weight but thanks to everyone else abusing them, they no longer carry as much weight as they used to.

    Is it still good practice to use them, YES! should you use them YES! just dont over do it.

    The proper format and what most search engines enjoy to see, is the MAIN TOPIC is listed in an H1 tag only once on the page near the top of the page. Then following down to SUB-TOPICS using the H2 tag, which can be used multiple times on a page and work your way down from there.

    So for example you should have 1 page with the H1 Coolest Sayings then break it down to sections of H2's like H1 Coolest Sayings, H2 Coolest Sports Saysings, H2 Coolest Celebrity Sayings.
    and a second page with the H1 Funniest Sayings, H2 Funniest Sayings by Kids, H2 funniest sayings at work...

    you get the idea.