Raising funds. Where to start? Making "Adult" rated Apps.

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    I'm a programmer working with computer vision libraries which opened the door to a few ideas for some adult rated apps. I threw the ideas around at work and had no takers so figure it's my opportunity.

    I don't really want to publish this under my name, so I probably need to start a company name. I'll get a .com website with domain privacy to base my marketing out of and will list it in the adult mobile app stores but can't list on google play.

    I'm saving up each paycheck and buying high quality nude 3d models, this is the basic idea, but I need to get a good 3d artist to customize them beyond my ability:

    I'm thinking of doing a kickstarter to act as "presales" where people chipping in $5 will get a free version with all the models unlocked. I'll have a free version of the app with a couple models and the others will be bought in app.

    How would you raise funds if you were in my place? :cool: I'd like to have a few dozen AAA quality models with animations.
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