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If you have succeeded in casino niche websites, I would appreciate it if you could send example website addresses.
Sent PM with details @benderim.
If you have succeeded in casino niche websites, I would appreciate it if you could send example website addresses.

Raging Results

Unleash the power & Build your brands

Get a flat 20% offer with big savings on bulk orders

Big step of your journey to endless possibilities

Use the following coupon code at checkout

Coupon Code: GUEST20

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Backlinks that work after the last update

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★★★★★ Reviews from our Clients ★★★★★

I ordered from them several times and the results were always great. The links are exactly as promised and the reviews are detailed and full. Will definitely work again with them.

Review time:

Got the Guest post report from OP and I must say that I am impressed with quality of the link.

The article was very well written with suitable images. I received a link from 100% real and legit website.

The metrics of the website looks solid with DA 43, PA 40, Semrush organic search was around 5.5k and the site was 4.7 years old.

It looks like a pretty solid service. I will back for more and recommend. 10/10.

High quality links delivered by Titans. As advertised the site are having high metrics and visitors. I reviewed my content, the content was well written & indexed already in Google. Great communication with the seller. Pretty solid service at amazing price. Will place more orders soon :)

Received my report. Honestly say that I am super impressed by the job done.

The articles are well written, anchors are placed naturally, suitable images has been added and link to relevant authority site. Great communication and highly recommended.

Will definitely order more in future. Great service.


I got my guest post as promised from op.

My link was placed on DA 40+ blog. The blog contains real organic traffic, the content was well written and the link is already indexed in google which is great. It takes around 20 days to complete, but it's well work. Overall satisfied with delivery. Will order again.

Placed an order for few sites with special instructions. Article was really very well written and link had placed as per the instruction.

Great communication, very fast response. Will definitely order again.


All my links went live a week ago. Got placement on high quality sites, content was well written and all the articles had two different anchors. One of the anchor for my site and another one to authority site relevant to my niche.

The links are placed naturally in the articles.

Great communication. Highly recommended.



Got all the links.

The articles are great and everything was published on high quality sites. All the site's having unique visitors. Great service.
Definitely I will place more orders within few days.


Got my report. OP delivered exactly what was promised.

The article quality was very good, had relevant images and Websites looks good. The best part is that all my links are indexed already. Excellent communication so far.

Overall, a pretty solid service. Will order again :)


Service delivered as promised with very good communication along the way. The content published was fairly decent, pretty much what you would expect for a service like this. I found one typo on the post after it was published and OP got it fixed. I would definitely order again in the future.


just received links.

Highly quality links delivered. Articles were well written and all published on relevant niche sites. Satisfied with the delivery. Recommended service.


Report delivered as promised.

The websites having strong metrics, traffics, and the articles were very well written. The links are indexed already which is great and they are all very good value for money. I recommend this service.

Report received on time. I am happy with the quality of the links delivered at this price.

The articles are posted on real sites, they are not pbns. Couple of articles are indexed already in Google. Overall, great service.

Got my report.

I'm very satisfied with the links. The website was relevant to my niche and real with good amount of traffic. I recommend this service to everyone.

Got the report. The metrics for the domains were quite good. The content is good with a suitable picture. Overall, great service.

Put in a few orders with these guys, i've probably used about 5 other services like this and thees guys were absolutely the best.

Pricing was great but that is usually pretty standard thing, the difference here was they were updating me every day, working with me, even got me a revision when the person refused initially (they said no revisions so my fault). Awesome

Ordered two guests posts for specific sites a little ways back. One of them went through no problem and one we could not get a response from the webmaster.

The one that went through was great as always, quick TAT and great content. For the other, we explored some other options with no luck... Titans happily refunded me without me even asking.

I will definitely keep working with these folks.

I ordered few links with these guys and they delivered everything as promised. The content published was handwritten and well researched. The sites used were relevant to my niche with high organic traffic. Pricing was very great and I got some links at best price from them. Also, I had small issue on the article, they fixed it very quickly which I loved.

Excellent communication. Overall an excellent service and I will use it soon for my other sites.


I have ordered few of these links recently. I must say that I am simply amazed by the quality of the guest post delivered. These are high quality links, I'm already seeing rank increase on my keywords and I recommend this service.

Just got my outreach report and I was very satisfied with the link quality. The articles are high quality and posted on relevant authority blogs.

Backlink profile looks great and it isn't those spammy guest posts. Everything done was related to my niche. I'm very impressed and this is the best service I have found.

Received the report with the article. The links are highly niche relevant and on real sites.

All the sites having 2k+ organic traffic and TAT was 2 weeks. I am very happy with the service. I recommend it.

So I purposefully waited to see results and I received massive results. While I can't account all of the below results to this package, I know I saw HUGE increases with these guest posts:

Our benchmark (Jan 7 2019):

#1 Keywords: 1

Keywords in the top 3: 2
Keywords in the top 5: 3

Keywords in the top 10: 4

Keywords ranking total on the first 10 pages of Google (out of 55): 9


#1 Keywords: 3

Keywords in the top 3: 9

Keywords in the top 5: 14

Keywords in the top 10: 27

Keywords ranking total on the first 10 pages of Google (out of 55): 51

My strategy has been nothing but guest posts with a naked url and one keyword. I think I bought 10 of the $199 links. Money well spent.

Just wanted to leave my review here of the article I ordered few months ago.

The article was posted on a relevant niche website with DA 52 and PA 28. The article itself was decently-written with images placed in appropriate locations.


I ordered few links with these guys and they delivered everything as promised. The content published was descent with suitable pictures and a link to authority website as described.

DA of the sites were around 42, 49, 55, 72, & 63 with huge organic traffic. Seller is really nice guy and I'm sure will do his best to provide you with the best quality.

Overall this is a pretty awesome service.


OP provided the links from real high authority site's.

The site's contains real organic traffics, social media page's, ads and much more.

Articles posted were high quality hand crafted, everything were completely relevant to my niche.
Amazing service 10/10.

Great service, I have used this service for a different niche sites and it was delivered on time.

Amazing work done on a real website with real traffic. The content is top quality and suitable images were added as well. Communication was great and op having large set of sites for all niches. Highly Recommend!!!


I have ordered a few of these links recently and I would say that I'm impressed with the quality of the links. I already see the raise in traffic.

The sites are clearly real with real visitors and having higher DA up to 67.

The customer service is fantastic and thanks for the amazing service.


Got my report few days ago. This is an excellent service. The links were placed naturally in a real website with high traffic.

I received the links on strong and aged domains. Articles were well written and it was 700+ words.
Communication and TAT was good as well.


I just received all the live links from Titan. Articles were very well researched and posted on a 100% legit site's with huge organic traffic.

One of sites having 30k+ traffic which is great to see. Excellent customer service throughout and just only thing is slow TAT. I informed OP to complete it within 10 days, unfortunately he took around 14 days to complete. But it's not a big issue. I can say this is an outstanding service I ordered.

Review Time :
I am simply amazed with the quality of the guest posts as he delivered. The article was well researched, written by native writers.

The metrics are very high, all the site having real traffic.

The sites having strong backlink profiles & relevant to my niche.
Two different anchors were placed in the article, one was linking to my money site and another to suitable authority site.

Overall nice work for the reasonable price. Great service and seller.

Just received my order and it looks very good. Articles were super amazing, well researched and structured.

The sites are pretty legit having real traffic and pretty good metric stats with lot contents.
Very good TAT and a responsive guy.

Excellent service for the price.

Received my report.

Very happy with the links provided. All are niche relevant, real website with a good amount of organic traffic.

I highly recommend this service.

I have just received my first link and I am satisfied.

It was exactly as I wanted to be and the topic of the article was what I advised to be.
So we are good to proceed with some more links now : )


OP delivered nice guest articles on legit blogs.

The domains are super strong with great backlink profiles. High DA & RD.

Contents were properly researched and well structured.

Descent TAT will excellent customer support.

Good links for the price. I highly recommend this service.

Review :

I received the links on TAT. The content quality was good and anchors were placed naturally in the real websites. @Titans having large set of site's in all niches.

One of the responsive seller I found here. I highly recommend this seller.

Received all our live links on estimated delivery time.

OP was very helpful on suggesting me high quality site's and keywords. Everything delivered as promised.
A+++ service.

Report received. This guy is AWESOME. High quality links placed DA 50+ sites.

Most of the site's having huge organic traffic and one of the site with 70k semrush traffic. I am surprised with the job done. Thanks a lot for great job.


The links were delivered on time and placed on high quality sites with amazing metrics as described.

Very high quality articles with related images and links to other high authority sites.
Good service and a quality product at a fair price.

Easy to work him.

Highly Recommended.

Just received my second link from a

very nice article and strong domain. The article even ranks with a Featured Snippet. Satisfied with the service!

Raging Results

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Get a flat 20% offer with big savings on bulk orders

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We've ordered their links for our client sites and seeing great results so far. Our agency ordered DA 40+ largest package this time. Let's see how it goes.
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