Quite odd request but sure someone here can do it

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    Sep 28, 2010
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    Okay so this is an odd request and I know it can be done and I know probably the method that will be used but since I dont have much time on my hands to do this Im sure someone on here can use some extra cash..

    Here it goes.

    So I have a good friend of mine who was charged with a crime that people have switched up and slandered his name on several websites. I'll break it down, basically there was a kid he was watching for a few weeks that has very bad mental problems and has done shit like this to other ppl in the past but had told cops he was explaining to him what dif type breasts were about, he got caught by his dad watching gay porn and then blamed it on my friend saying he allowed him to do so and told him about the breast subject. since the kid was 16 and we live in a VERY VERY fucked up area here in the south they didnt take it lightly and gave him 2years.. ppl online are coming up with false stories etc on blogs / forums and if any of you have time to harass webmasters into taking it down theres quite a good chunk of change I can give you.. PM me for more details I would gladly appreciate it