Quide to determine if the pagerank is true or fake, 100% working, must read .

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    On the internet i see lot of scammers trying to sell domain, or website, or to sell links on their website with fake pagerank, every day.
    In their offer they trying to show that pagerank is real, and they add links to tools that detect the real pagerank. That site like seomastering. com/fake-pagerank-checker.php validate the page rank but there is the way how to fool either that pagerank validation.

    Real pagerank.
    Sites with real high pagerank must have backlinks, because through the backlinks is pagerank transfered. And these backlinks must be from authority sites with high pagerank or linkjuice. It is impossible to gain pagerank 5 if someone build shitty backlinks, even thousands.
    How to check what backlinks and linkjuice does the site have?
    There are lot of tools for backlinks, like opensiteexplorer and other... but i reccomend majesticseo . In majesticseo you can check how much backlinks does site have, whate linkjuice does it gain from these backlinks, you can see what are the TOP backlinks to that site and much more.

    Fake pagerank.
    Fake pagerank is pagerank of site A that belong to other site B.
    For example.
    Site A is new site, that have no backlinks or few, or shitty and have pagerank 0 . Site B is authority site like youtube and have pagerank 9.
    If someone trying to make fake page rank to site A he will do:
    1. add redirrect 301 on site A to site B. So the site A is now redirected to site B. Site A has still pagerank 0.
    2. then they wait to next pagerank update.
    3. after pagerank update site A will gain the pagerank of site B (this is a fact). So the site A now have fake pagerank of 9 that belong to site B. When you try to validate pagerank of site A, you will get the result that the pagerank is fake, because that script will detect that there is redirection from site A to site B .
    But this is the trick they use:
    4. After pagerank update, they cancel the 301 redirection, and add some content to site A. Site A now look like real website with own content and pagerank 9.
    When you try to validate pagerank of site A, you will get the result that the pagerank is valid, real, because there is no reddirection. ( so everything that the script "of the tools trying to validate page rank" is to check if there is any reddirection)

    Now the site A look valid, there are content, the tools are saing that the pagerank is real and valid .... but it isnt.

    How to chcek if the site A was redirected to site B?
    There is the tool: wayback.archive.org where you can see what was on site A before.
    IF you check the site A in this tool and get the result:

    siteA | 21:40:28 feb 1, 2011

    Got an HTTP 301 response at crawl time

    Redirecting to...


    Then you know that there was redirection on siteA to siteB

    So people, dont get fool, use you brain, first check backlinks and if the backlinks are good enough , then look for redirection. Thats all. Hope you enjoy it.
    Sorry for my english.
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    I may be incorrect but not every site is captured by wayback. I looked at one of my old sites and it was only captured twice in a years time. So as this is a great idea, to make it plausible it takes into account wayback must be capturing your specific site before and after the updates...
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    The best way for me is to check through SEO spyglass and it works good to me. Though you need to manually look over the generated report and will consumer 15 minutes of yours, but it is worth investing your time. I bought many PR domain in the past and they have survived all PR update.