Quick Webpage Coding/Cloning and Graphic/Photoshop Tasks Needed

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    Dec 14, 2008
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    Am looking for somebody/couple of people efficient and skilled at the following tasks

    Webpage Cloning/Modifying
    - clone elements and structure from various webpages , straightforward copy and paste of source and then editing it. Easy stuff for those experienced at cloning/designing website. Must also be good at coding/editing CSS/Html to troubleshoot any problems that arise and also edit the elements (video player/flash menu etc etc) if necessary.

    Graphic Design/Photoshop
    - Design banners graphic, product images design/redesign, photoshop screenshots. Skilled graphic designer/photoshoppers.

    If anybody can do both tasks, that will be great, but if not, i am happy to give the job to two different person so even if u can only do one of the above, pm me.

    All interested parties PM me your IM (MSN Preferably) and we can discuss on there, i have a few of this to be done.
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