Quick way to make a Amazon Bestseller List Page on Your Site

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    I found a useful way to add pages to your blog / website which shows the top 10 bestselling products from Amazon and add you Affiliate link to these top ten lists so you can generate more commission.
    Go to Amazon, click on the catagory you want to promote, lets say digital cameras.
    Go to the top where it says "Bestsellers" and click on that.
    Now that page will show you probably the top 20.
    Go to the bottom of the page and find where it says "RSS feed" subscribe to.
    Right click on this link and select Copy Link Location.
    You will need to modify this RSS feed to include your Amazon tracking id. Here is what the RSS feed will looks like:
    You will need to remove everything at the end of the RSS feed including the / after the browse node category.
    Here is what the RSS feed looks like after you remove this information:
    Next you will need to add your associate tracking id at the end and it should look like this. Just replace ?yourtrackingid? with your Amazon Tracking ID.
    Now go to www.rssinclude.com and open an account if you dont have one.
    Once registered go to your account and create the button for a new RSS feed widget.
    Click on the create now button under the very first entry under free templates that says Simple Vertical List.
    Enter the modified URL of the RSS feed of the bestsellers that you created (http://www.amazon.com/gp/rss/bestsellers/hi/552660?tag=yourtrackingid) and click the Add Feed button.
    If your feed is validated, you will see an image of the feed on the side of the screen. You can then go to content and styling options and change the size and colours etc.
    Finally you will get a javascript code which when placed in Wordpress in the HTML section will give you a top 10 list which is constantly updated.
    The good thing is that your affiliate link is included.
    As far as i know this is not against Amazon TOS so it is an easy way to add more useful pages to you blog and hopefully generate more income.
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