Quick Tip To Protect Yourself From Being Scammed On BHW

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by digitalpower, Nov 3, 2009.

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    Here's a tip that will protect you from being scammed here on BHW. Basically there are people here that like to pretend to be other people from the forum and will try to scam you any way they can. Earlier this year I was scammed because I didn't follow this tip. Make sure that when someone IMs you claiming to be someone from BHW that you tell them to send you a verification private message from that username. Tell them something like "Oh hey, can you prove to me that you are <username>? Just send me a private message that says the screen name you just IMed me from and <some random phrase>."

    Sometimes the scammer will say things like "Oh I can't login to my BHW account right now, its not letting me connect, so I cannot send you a PM." Do not believe them ever. Sometimes they will say things like "Oh hey, its ok you can trust me, do you know "<administrator's name> who wrote about <money making method>?" They will try a lot of things to get you to believe they are another trusted BHW member just so they don't have to send you that verification PM.

    I fell for this scam earlier this year. I lost some money in my PayPal account and thousands of leads because someone was posing as another trusted Jr. Vip and I didn't ask for a verification private message. Be sure to ask for one so then you can be sure you are dealing with the correct person on BHW!
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    Thanks for the warning, and if i can say wow that really sucks
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    That's fucked up... BH'ers shouldn't be trying to scam fellow blackhatters, that's just low... Afterall we all learned from eachother. Have we run out of whitehats or something? lol