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Quick question regarding adsense

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by juicemane, Sep 28, 2015.

  1. juicemane

    juicemane Regular Member

    Feb 7, 2011
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    Sorry if this is the wrong section. How strict is adsense in regards to account bans
    I had an adsense in 2007, but i got banned for clicking my own ads and having friens click my ads (i thought i was smart lol). Would my same email and Paypal be banned. My bank account is the same as it was 7 years ago, would I be able to use my NEW PayPal, and link it to my old bank account, or would google find out (i currently have it linked to a friends account)
    plz advise. I can clearify if this doesnt make sense.
    thanks in advance for any help