quick question about tiered link building with GSA

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by rankjuice, Feb 3, 2013.

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    Hi guys

    I bought GSA a while back but never got around to using it (due to stopping SEO and making some $$ from FB). Since im back in the SEO game now I thought I would start with creating a 3 tiered campaign on my new site using UD and GSA.

    I have created around 100 links on my first tier and im now running GSA for my 2nd tier.

    Now for the question

    I have been running GSA for about 2 days now and got about 700+ verified links (niche related). How many links do you guys think I should have before creating my 3rd tier?

    Like I said, I have 100 on my 1st tier and 700 on my 2nd s this would make it around 7 T2 links per T1 link.

    Would it be best practice to setup the 3rd tier now and click "use verified links from another project"? and just let them both run? If I did this, would all new T2 links be auto used on T3?

    Thanks in advance guys