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    Hi, so I know it has been said somewhere that you should build content first and then links, and I did an experiment just to check how things work.
    So here it is, I created two sites.

    Site A: creation, adding content, submitting sitemaps, indexed
    results: already ranking for some keywords in google with 0 backlinks

    Site B: creation, bought paid links from friverr, content, indexed
    results: only ranking for one keyword which is something from my blog post and not ranking for ANY of my main keywords:

    SIte A + Site B - same wordpress theme, spun articles with h1, h2, alt images, right keyword density, same plugin, same google page speed score, same ms

    What I learned?

    Create a site.
    Optimize it.
    Wait for it to get indexed
    check Search Queries
    add content for that search queries + add content for your main keywords
    ..get it indexed, check how it is indexed
    start building links

    P.S - I know this have been talked about already, but I just wanted to see for myself.

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    You just explained the most basic way to start ranking
    a new website. You build it and get add plenty of content and
    index it. Once it is indexed and aged you can start link building.

    I do not see an experiment here but you just taking action
    on a common way to do seo.