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    Here's what I am trying to do.

    I want my zenno to login to the facebook account. Then should go to a list Facebook Statuses and like them.

    The Posts are in 100s so what I am trying to do is, Get zenno to login to my facebook, then start a browser instance and visit one of the urls in notepad (source) and like it. Also add delay while liking

    Feeds from the notepad can be continuous or random but it should complete the cycle.

    What I am currently doing is Login in to facebook in the first step and then visiting every URL in the browser and liking it. In short I am creation 100's steps for liking 100s status. Its really painstaking and tiring.

    Help would be highly appreciated.
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    use a counter to cycle through the list of URL's and as it cycles like the post. Basically its a loop.

    if you need a detailed help PM me :)