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Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by coreygeer, Oct 3, 2008.

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    So I'm doing a little exploring today checking out some Author Ezines that have over 1k+ Articles and a Page Rank of 0...

    A lot of their articles have a Page Rank of 0 as well.. So I'm thinking to myself.. how in the hell do these people have hundreds or over a thousand articles and a page rank of 0, but I have 29 live articles and a page rank of 3 and a page rank of 1-2 or even 3 on most of my articles already, and not a single article has been live before August. (most of them September)

    Then I was noticing a trend between the people who submit a shit ton of articles. If you look at the Article List under their name, you'll see something like this.

    Learn the real way to make money online
    How to properly lift weights without straining your back
    Become a pro gambler in minutes
    Is it ok to kick your dog?
    Paid surveys are a waste of time

    These people are jumping all over the place! COME ON! Everyone involved in White Hat SEO should know, Content is KING! I keep hearing SEO this, SEO that, and all of these nifty little SEO Tools being released and what not, but I've only used one SEO trick ever..

    Staying on topic and only linking to other sites of relevant content. I have 29 articles that are strictly for making money online linking to my author's link and I have a PR of 3 and so do most of my articles, meanwhile these people have hundreds and notta.

    I keep all of my articles at a low keyword density, (i'll include the main keyword twice in a 400 word article). Other than.. just stay on topic.. there is no huge secret to SEO. If you want to write about another topic.. make another author's account. The same goes with websites too. I see some sites that have links from things that have absolutely NOTHING to do with what their website is about..

    It seems that a lot of people are forgetting Google's golden rule that Content is KING! You want a page to get a hella fast Page Rank? Only buy/get links from relevant pages ( I know that sounds a little simple ) but a lot of people aren't doing that.. they're just getting any links they can.

    That's a whole another discussion though, I'm talking about your Ezines page rank. Every article you write is linked to your "Expert Author" account, and if that has a good page rank, well then.. I'm sure you can do the math. All of those articles will have a link back from a good PR, and they will all link to your site. Simple? Yes.

    Stop writing about things that are way off topic and you'll find much much better results.
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    Article dont mean sh!t if they dont get distributed, the reason your articles have a hgigh PR is because people liked your work and copied it to their site.

    If you write crappy,short articles, no one will pick it up and thus it will not get distributed.

    Content is king, but the content should be good enough for people to read.

    These are those authors that write articles using automated tools, such articles are never worth reading
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    Yeah agree with the above, you wont get anywhere using automated tools, the output is crap. The only program which i use is Word Flood + re-writing parts of the article in my words, which produces pretty good end result.
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    I use google trANSLITION trick, and it works, good enouh