Quick and dirty Membership Script review

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    You can waste a lot of time trying out scripts... I done it.

    Hopefully this may save you a bit of time.

    Even if you can get stuff for free :D
    - your time is always MORE valuable

    Decide on you business model (take some time on this) and everything will flow from this - down to choice of scripts.

    It depends what you want and class as a membership site or the level of sophistication.
    I have set up sites for myself and other people and have found some to have good features then fail on some.

    This is not a review of all available script - just a quicks and dirty review of the ones I have the most experience with.

    So far there is NO perfect script... it depends on what YOU want.

    1. Top features i consider important:
    2. Control of sign up form - if you are list building less is better (email and first name)
    3. Easy set up - if you want to content drip then you need SMP or MS (SMP is much easier)
    4. Ability for members to be added direct to aweber is a factor. With aweber you can swtich off double optin function and get single optin. But only do this if you specify in terms. Some script "mimic" aweber form and members are adds directly. Some only send an email - so double optin will kick in regardless.

    [Many have a built-in email feature within script - but what happens if you lose your database or it gets hacked? By using aweber or getresponse you can have best of both and protecting your list. I learnt this the hard way!]

    Note: your site will get hacked!
    Always back up database and copy whole site to your computer. Recently I has some fool adding some stupid code to all files. Anyway I simply uploaded the saved site and changed passwords.


    Simplememberpro 2- (SMP)
    Has content dripping and you can sell upgrade/access/prodcuts inside has 'rea'l OTO but you can re-offer at a higher price (this works best if a sales has been made)

    Can use as a free member site - list builder - offer free report - show OTO Plus you can show more related products (unlimited) inside.

    Rather than having silver gold etc - you have membership according to "product" access - you can link content dripping to that product.

    Has CMS function - can add pages - time-schedule lessons -m can incorporate videos.

    Can add members to aweber - single optin (good) - most features work ok- paypal only-

    Can place products(zip files or PDF) above root for more protection from google and freebies seekers :) Unlimited domains.

    Uses 'half templates' -where you chop your template in half and the script joins it up by adding content in the middle.

    Once you worked out the templates - very fast to setup - just change the header and footer images - can have full page shadow effect as well as a basic top and tail template.

    Memberspeed 2.02-
    a monster script- content control - multi-welcome pages for each membship level - very convoluted - only use for a flagship site - allows reseller 100% payment to paypal -

    Adds members direct to aweber with single optin (good) - paypal -clickbank payment - also can use clickbank for affiliate payments. Lots of tweaking of html allowed.

    Uses whole templates just add tags - can use css template full or fixed width. Script is encoded
    Requires license per domain. (v.bad and expensive)

    Launchformulamarketing 3.03-
    has a lot of features but script is not reliable - it looks the business but it goes all funky - I've given up on it! I actually brought this when it was in version 2. Lots of OTOs and has split testing.

    Tried it recently - has improved adding pages routine - I think I wait for v4. Signup method very ugly. dirty coupon box (always there) not full control over signup form. Unlimited domains

    ViralMiniSites -
    Neat little script for selling your own clickbank products (good for products with resale rights)-

    Total hands free - your affiliate are handled by Clickbank.

    Good sign up form control.

    Creates a site related affiliate link that links to the CB Hop link (a bit like easyclickmate 8.1 does centrally) - links to CB ID in members profile.

    Can be used to capture emails - BUT does not add signs up directly to aweber - requires double optin - no multi-levels - sells single products only.

    So you only need ONE clickbank vendor account - products can be place in a protected directory. Unlimited domains.

    Best use as frontline capture offer free report via FREE membership then hit them with the OTO1... then downsell OTO2 if OTO1 is ignored!

    can use to create a membership area (rather than real membership site).
    so rather than selling products and giving out a download link send customer to download area where you can offer more stuff!

    You can contol everything centrally. Still a cool script even though it has been replaced by JVM2 (fantasos).

    I like this script... you just can create a website- add videos etc lessons/course... put it in a directory... next in JVM setup a 'package' add product and hey presto that directory is protected.

    Admittedly the access to product is a bit ugly... with a little effort you can make it pretty if you study the templates ot just copy what the owner does with his his sites :)

    Can create basic membership area like JVM. Can control expiration and download times.

    You place products above root - totally inaccessible by "normal" means ;).

    Central control of products like JVM.

    Designed to work with Getresponse.

    Bascially you are uploading products then you can mix-and-match products to create a package then sell that package via one link (paypal and many other payment providers)

    The thank you page can be confusing at first. Just make sure it's a php page.

    No video can be protected
    Use IE and look in temp folder.
    Simply brand your video with your logo and titles
    Get a Amazon S3 account to avoid host shutting you down (requires credit card)
    It is cheap......

    Best use s3 organiser addon with Firefox. (and its free) Easy to change ACL.
    Cloudberry explorer is NOt as good in terms of workflow
    Avoid Jungle disk thing .

    This means you can run a massive membership site with tons of videos using cheap shared hosting. (unlimited web space maybe but once you get more then a couple of people downloading the same video it becomes bad)
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    So which is the best?
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    could you put the keygen license key for memberspeed. I really appreciate your help