Quick $2-$3 via PayPal - Need an article with spintax that will produce 500 to 700 words

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for someone to do a relatively quick job for me... Am running Sick Submitter and would like someone to create an article for me (with spintax left in) that will end up producing 500 to 700 words of readable content. The niche I am wanting this article for is the "movies" niche (this can include films, downloadable tv programs, downloadable mini-series', etc). The site I want to promote using the article is promoting an app that people install, sign up an account, and are given 2GB free to watch movies - with the option of upgrading after the bandwidth has been used up). I am thinking the uniqueness will need to be around 60 to 70% for each variation of the spun article. I am not sure what the true going rate for something like this is but feel free to add your offer to the thread here.

    I know how to use spintax etc but I can't be bothered doing it myself so want to get someone else to do it :). Am testing sick submitter packets for most of the day so don't have the time lol.
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