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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by lilblackhat, Oct 7, 2009.

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    I am currently using SEOSoft's ProSubmitter, doorway page generator and cloaker software, but I am getting absolutely ZERO response from SEOSoft with getting questions answered.

    I have some questions about the doorway page generator, prosubmitter and the cloaker software. The doorway page generator and cloaker program does not have any type of manual and the prosubmitter manual is confusing.

    So, I need you guys help, because I know ya'll are masterminds and have already used the software and know how to make a fortune with it.

    As far as the doorway page generator is concerned there is a section that says "file with thematic text". Exactly what is that? What type of keywords go in this list and will this list be different from the normal keyword list? I have been watching the video, and am stuck on this part.

    In addition, what goes in the redirect pattern? In the video, it shows{keyword}. Is it necessary to put the "search?q={keyword}" at the end?

    What do I need to put in the redirect type? What does this redirect type mean?

    What is the linking type? Do I put anything there? In the video he leaves this field blank.

    Once I create the doorway pages, is there a way to download the list and place it inside the prosubmitter program?

    I know people can make thousands a day with this program. To achieve these results, how many doorway pages should I create? I was thinking to start off with 10,000 and see what happens.

    Can you tell me what file I need to place the doorway pages into inside the prosubmitter application?

    If I wanted to redirect people to my affiliate website, do I put the website address inside the redirect pattern field? Also, whenever I install the professional submitter software it always says mismatch directory.... Is it suppose to say this or did I do something wrong?

    Inside the ProSubmitter programs message field box am I able to include html code?

    Sorry for all the questions, but support for this product is non-existent and videos are soundless, two of the three manuals don't exist and the ProSubmitter manual sucks big time.....

    Overall, can you give me any advice on what I need to do to be successful making money with this software? I know this is a lot of questions, but I know you guy are the best!!!

    Thanks in advance for any advice given!
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    Men your not alone, I bought all his softwares and I losy my hard drive....I sent him an email but he said that I have to pay him to get a replacement copy....I thought this stuff is a life update....I also ask him for a copy of his upgrade...but all i got was a run arround.

    I will keep emailing him and will update this when he gives me a good answer