Questions regarding Boomarking demon


Aug 12, 2008
Been playing around with BD4 recently

and have been following instructions etc..
however when I complete bookmarking my sites(after it says successful)
I then login to the bookmarking sites I created, and I dont see my bookmarks even after a few days

does it take a while for these bookmarking sites to actually pickup your pages?
from what i know, pages that you bookmark should reflect immediately after you bookmark them.

if you are having more than 1 user accounts for a social bookmarking site, you might want to login each of them to see if your posts are listed in them. bmd4 does not bookmark the same page to all accounts. it randomly picks one.

could that be the reason?
yeap... I had similar results... after 3 weeks I decided to drop it as the backlinks I got were minimal.... truly minimal (even added 300 scuttle and scuttle plus sites to the mix)

I think I am better off with other software...
if i am not mistaken that question is answered... erm... some or like... BMD VS smtg.. not sure.. saw the thread. Can't remember cuz at that time couldnt get the crack version till now.. heard its worth buying though.
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