Questions regarding Adult Media Buying on tube sites

Discussion in 'Media Buying' started by Aero1, Feb 1, 2016.

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    Oct 1, 2015
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    I am a beginner in media buying, so I did some research on bidding offers on trafficjunky yesterday. I saw some things which were quite interesting for me and I did not fully understand some of these things/ the reasoning:

    1.) I saw quite some 20.000 $ bids on highly specific keywords. The traffic, most of the times, was below 1-2 % of the total ad traffic for that placement. Is this a trick to get the impression for sure, if a user watches a video with these keywords?
    2.) Is the maximum amount one can bid 20.000 $? Are power affiliates splitting their budgets into these huge chunks, or are these high-volume offers maybe directly from tube sites/companies like "Brazzers", ...?
    3.) I saw some placements, which had only one bidder. Is this a lack of competition?
    4.) On the tube sites, it seems like the tube sites fill the traffic with promoting their other tubes from their tube network. Could that be or are these ads from advertisers?
    5.) Could it be, that the advertising space is divided among very few high-volume affiliates (5000-20000 $ per bid) who are probably banking hard and some "beginners" (50-250 $)? I had the impression, looking at the landing pages and the domains of these landing pages, that there are only a few players...

    Can some of the more experienced users shed some light on this topic/questions? :)