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    Hi guys. Have some questions to ask. Planning to create my own tier 1. I would like to know if it is okay to transcribe youtube videos into text to use it as a filler content for my tier 1 web 2.0s? I'm planning to create at least 5 posts each for my web 2.0s.

    Another question is when creating web 2.0s of different platforms using proxies, do i use 1 proxy per web 2.0 or can i just one proxy to create multiple web 2.0s. Also can I just use 1 email for multiple web 2.0s or do i have to use 1 email per web 2.0. If it requires me to use one email per web 2.0, does it mean that i have to use 1 proxy per email creations?

    Say i have 5 web 2.0s to create, which of the below is recommended?

    1 proxy > 1 email > 1 web 2.0
    1 proxy > 1 email > 5 Web 2.0
    5 proxies > 5 email > 5 web 2.0