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    Hi all,
    Warning this may be long.
    I'm working on setting up my website to target offline customers. One of my pages will be the services offered. I'm hung up on pricing.

    The main service I will be offering is the blog setup, where they use my affiliate to sign up.

    For this model-do you typically add the theme & plugins? or is that an add on service?

    Other services and what would you or do you charge?

    1) autoblog setup

    2) social bookmark submission service

    3) set up social bookmark accounts

    4) custom header creation

    5)submit to Google business (This is free-but they may not know that)

    6) directory submission (with this do you have to have an account for each directory?)

    7)rss feed submit

    8) automated amazon store setup

    9) automated ebay store set up

    10) affiliate link setup

    11)weebly/blogger/hubpage/squidoo setup

    12) full blog set up with theme, plugins and a ten pack of articles (articles will be outsourced)

    Does anyone have ideas on pricing? I do not want to de-value my service and I do want to get business. I will out source if I get stumped.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I would lump 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 11 all as seo or link building services. $1000 down, $1000 a month or so is reasonable for many higher end businesses. At $300-$400 a month for an offshore worker this lets you have $650 or so in margin.

    I wouldn't have the client sign up for something under your affiliate link if you can avoid it. Better to charge them a rate and you sign them up under your link, etc. You can just get in contact with the owner of the service and get a special code and bypass the affiliate thing usually. The point is that you're providing the service -- not just the info for the client to do themselves.
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    I believe that it really depends upon who your market niche is. What you charge and what you do will depend upon their wants. It's much easier to sell someone something they want rather than try to sell them something you want to sell them.

    As mentioned above I would lump any and all services you're going to provide them. You never want to give people too many choices because the choice they'll make is to do nothing.

    You can give offer them two or three packages depending upon their wants but I wouldn't offer them a cafeteria menu on possible options. Some of the easier ones you can simply offer as a 'BONUS'.

    If you're selling to "work at home" you'll have to charge differently than you would for a small business which would be a different charge than for a professional, etc...

    You always have to know who your market niche is, what they want and how much they'll pay. Otherwise you may find you're selling something they don't want or you're pricing yourself out of the market.

    Hope this helps...
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