[QUESTIONS ]Is it necessary to Keep Posting some content In My Site?


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Mar 13, 2012
Hello there

i have an amazon affiliate site with stable 10 posts and 1 page. i am updating this page and post 3 - 6 months now site Age almost 3 years . is it necessary to post some content regularly or monthly once ?
It depends are you happy with the revenue at its current refresh rate? If not then more quality content would be the first step.

thanks man I am happy with Revenue and but ist not enough i am focussing off-page SEO
It depends on what kind of content you have on your site

Are you posting useful 'how to' guides or relatively short answers that deal with your niche? Or are most of your content REVIEW or comparison content?

Make your site USEFUL and your site will take care of you
yes its review and comparison conten I updating 3 months One and Keep The old Content in Below the new content with title adjust etc
That's the main challenge you're facing: your site is too focused on making money instead of HELPING visitors.
I suggest you post more content about the key questions people are trying to solve in your niche
Create an actual USEFUL site people could benefit from so you can increase your chances of making money
Regular posting with generic useful facts is essential for a site to be maintained
Even if you're happy with revenue, you need to keep on posting on regular basis.
I'd say 5 to 10 daily...the more content, SEO and keywords, the more traffic and sales you will get for sure
Try this content mix
Most of your site should help people with problems related to the PRODUCTS you're selling
When they read these, they can click the link to HOW TO / GUIDES that demonstrate your expertise
From these, you recommend PRODUCTS and SHORTCUTS

Posting few content regularly to your site you will get you a better SEO ranks and make some revinews.
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