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    Hi all,

    Recently, I committed myself that I will work on getting traffic through Youtube as it is an interesting and free way of getting hits.

    However, I always wish to create things that last, things that will stay there for many time, even if the ROI is smaller. Guess I am not a strong blackhatter, but I just hate to repeat something I have done with another accounts, I hate routine.

    So, that is why I have some questions regarding Youtube's tolerance to site promotion though them.

    I want to know what are the things that are 100% accepted, what are the things that are so-so, and what are the things that would get your account banned.

    1. Putting the same link on the video description of many videos.
    - Is it absolutely ok, no matter how relevant that link is to the video?

    2. Watermarking videos with the same URL.

    3. Keyword stuffing in the description and title. I think that this one is ok as of now, but want to know if you can add to this something (like a limit etc).

    4. Giving incentives for people to rate or comment your video. Is this accepted?

    5. Using any automation software (now I know this would get your account(s) banned, but what is an "acceptable use" of these. Will they bother with 100 fake hits or only with industrial hits). The reason I ask this, is that for some targeted niche videos even 100 - 300 hits would give a major boost of the video.

    6. Uploading copyrighted videos. Will they just remove the video, or will they ban the account too?

    Also, on a side note, what other metrics make your account more trusted. I guess an old and active account with many views and ratings and comments is less likely to be regarded as spammy, and they will be reluctant to ban that account, am I right?

    Please post any related questions in this thread too regarding Youtube policies, hopefully we can make this an interesting discussion.

    Thanks for any suggestions,

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    1. Putting a link in description is fine, no one checks it. Obviously links to porn or something like that will get reported. If you get a video removed and the link is on the video description, putting another video up with the same link in description it will get that video removed very quickly.

    2. Watermarking is fine.

    3. Keyword stuffing is generally fine, never seen anyone had a problem with this, only thing about it is people will know its kinda spam when they see 100 words written down with nothing to do with the video.

    4. Asking the person to rate/comment is encouraged by youtube. You see the top 100 channels pretty much spamming people on their vids to do this. Why? So they get more honours, more exposure, more money etc.

    5. Really vague in this area, ive used tube automator without a proxy and rated by video 500 5* no problems. Other days i get a few accounts banned like 8 out of 500. But other people report they get their IP's banned and all accounts deleted. It really is a matter of content. I am working on genuinely promoting my youtube account, whilst alot on here use it to spam out offers etc to make money. This could be the difference why people get their accounts banned. Alot complain about it, and claim it was because of automated software, but the truth is most of it is down to the content, no one likes to see spammed out videos. But that said, its abit vague, hopefully others will be able to elaborate more on it.

    6. Uploading copyrighted videos is a no-no. Depends on who the copyright owner is, they may allow it to stay or youtube just wont allow it to be uploaded. I uploaded a video, youtube said it was apart of Associated Press, options? Leave it up, remove it, or leave it with adverts on the page. I just removed it anyway as i didnt want the hassle.
    If you plan on quick videos no longer than a few days then go for it. Wait for some more comments to this thread as they will know more about it.

    What metrics make your account more trusted? Nothing makes it more trusted. Ive seen youtube partners get suspended/banned. Just stick to the rules and you'd be ok. Hopefully this has helped you, if anything isn't as it is then hopefully someone will correct me about it.
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    nice one tyronics